We create children's science books.

Our science books are for all ages.  And our goal is to help children experience the fun of asking questions and finding answers!  In each book children are front and center for the scientific exploration.  This empowers them to make observations, ask questions, and -  with a little help -  find the answers.  

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Why Are There Seasons?
By Misty Carty, Ph.D.

There are four seasons in a year: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring….But WHY are there seasons?! Come explore with us! We’ll make observations throughout the year to find out what causes the seasons.

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Where Is The Moon? 
By Misty Carty, Ph.D.

Inspired by a favorite book, we say goodnight to the Moon from our window.  But quite quickly, we cannot see the Moon any more.  Where is the Moon?!  Come explore with us!  Over a month, we’ll make observations at night and in the day to determine where the Moon is throughout a lunar cycle.    

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Author & Photographer

  • Misty Carty, Ph.D.